Focused Research Topics

Activities of Daily Living Gait/Balance
Acupuncture Gastrointestinal Diseases
Acute whiplash Geriatric  
Addiction   Hand   
ADHD Haptics stroke  
Agnosia Head injury  
Alzheimers  Health Services
Amnesia Heat and Cold
Amputation/Amputee Hemophilia
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis   Heterotopic ossification  
Anarthria Home Care Services
Ankylosing Spondylitis Hydrotherapy
Anterior cruciate ligament   Hypertension
Anxiety Independent Living
Aphasia   Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Aphrasia Injury  
Apraxia Interdisciplinary Health Team
Arm Interventional pain management
Arthroplasty   Isokinetic   
Artificial Intelligence   Joint replacement
Ashworth Scale Language  
Assistive Technology Laryngeal  
Ataxia Light & Climate
Attention Locomotor  
Aural   Lymph Therapy
Autism  Manual and Myofascial Therapy
Automaticity Maxillofacial  
Avoidannce of Activities Mental  
Backpain Metabolic Diseases
Baclofen Multiple Sclerosis
Bacteriuria Muscle Disorders
Balneotherapy Muscle Injury
Barriers to Rehabilitation Music  
Behavioral Sciences Neck Pain
Biofeedback    Neurologic Disorders
Biomechanics Neuromodulation
Bladder Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases
Bone Nutritional Rehabilitation
Botulinum toxin Occupational  
Brain Injury   Oral rehabilitaion
Breathing Exercises Organ Transpaltation
Burns   Orthopedic  
Cancer   Orthotics   
Cardiovascular Diseases Outcomes measurement
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain  
Cerebral Palsy   Palliative care 
Chiropractic  Rehab Physical Therapy
Cognition Disorders Prostheses and Implants
Communicable Diseases Psychotherapy
Communication Disorders Pulmonary  Rehab
Community Networks Quality of Life
Complementary Therapies Research in Rehab
Concussion Return to work
Connective Tissue Diseases Rheumatology  
Constraint therapy Robotic Rehab
COPD Sarcopenia   
Corrective exercises Scoliosis
Cystic Fibrosis Sexuality  
Deaf education Sign language Shoulder  
Deglutition   Sleep apnea
Dementia   Sleep Quality
Depression Social  
Developmental Disorders Spasmodic dysphonia
Diabetes Mellitus Spasticity  
Disability   Speech 
Disaster    Speleotheraphy & Haloaerosoltherapy 
Dizziness Spinal cord injury  
Down's Syndrome Spincter Dysfunction
Drug   Spirituality 
Dynavision Sport  
Dysfluency Statistics & Methodology
Dysphagia Stroke
Ecosystem   Stuttering  
Edema Substance abuse  
Electrical Stimulation Systemic lupus erythematosus  
Electrodiagnsosis Tendinophathy  
Electromyography Thrombosis
Encephalitis Trauma  
Endocrinology Upper Extremity Rehab
Engineering Urogenital Diseases 
Epilepsy    Urologic Diseases 
Ergonomics Vascular Diseases
Exergames Vertigo
Falls Vestibular Rehabilitation   
Fatigue Virtual  Rehab
Fibromyalgia VitalStim Therapy
Foot Vocational  
Foreign accent syndrome   Women  Rehab
Fracture   Wound management
Fraility Wrist  
Functional Electrical Stimulation Yoga