The Journal of Rehabilitation Therapy is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that welcomes submissions of the highest quality and significance across various areas of rehabilitation. Our primary focus is on articles that discuss the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions and the assessment of new techniques and methods that facilitate speedy and effective recovery. We also give due consideration to significant advancements that have shifted the field from primarily medical to encompass psychological and sociocultural aspects.

Our monthly issues serve as a valuable resource for rehabilitation professionals, keeping them informed about a wide range of topics related to physical, occupational, speech, respiratory, cognitive, and vocational rehabilitation, as well as rehabilitation medicine, nursing, return to work, special education, social work, social welfare, psychology, psychiatry, assistive technology, environmental factors related to disabilities, physical treatment of neuromuscular impairments, the development of innovative rehabilitative technologies, clinical studies, epidemiological research, and the use of electrodiagnostic studies.

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